Sunday, 25 August 2019

World's toughest ocean-going race team of four ladies have made Newlyn their temporary training home!

Bobbing gently in her berth is a very small rowing boat that will be home to a team of 4 ladies from the South West who are taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, raising money and awareness for Cornwall Blood Bikes, Carefree and Hospiscare Exmouth and Lympstone. 

The ladies are taking part in a 3,000 mile epic row in a small, compact ocean rowing boat which will be their 'home' for possibly 3 months while we are at sea. We leave from La Gomera in December 2019 and finish in Antigua, hopefully in March 2020.

"Although there were and are many deserving causes we really wanted to do something that would specifically benefit those close to us."

Home for the challenge is this tiny R45 rowing boat currently berthed in Newlyn while the ladies step up their at sea training programme - the current race record for their class of boat is around 27 days...

taking part will undoubtedly bring plenty of media coverage so this is a great opportunity for individuals or businesses to ensure that they get every bit of support they deserve for their efforts...

when they begin the challenge proper in December of this year and take up their rowing seats...

and the tiny accommodation that will be their seagoing, endlessly moving, rocking and rolling home for possibly three months!.

This Talisker Whicky Atlantic Challenge documentary of the 2015 challenge included a similar team of ladies, all mums, whose lives were changed for the good in many unexpected ways before, during and after