Sunday, 9 June 2019

UK scallop dredge fishery plans improvements

Scallop dredge harvesters in the United Kingdom have inked a five-year action plan to work with non-profits and others in the seafood supply chain to bring improvements to the fishery.

According to a press release from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the scallop sector is participating in the group's Project UK Fisheries Improvements (PUKFI). Participating in PUKFI means that the sector has formed a scallop steering group and has pledged to bring up the fishery's sustainability.

“This is a ground-breaking project bringing together a wide group of industry and seafood stakeholders to identify and drive forward fishery improvements in this important sector. This is the first time that such an ambitious plan has been identified and agreed which outlines the scallop industry’s pathway to sustainability," steering group chair Claire Pescod said in the release. "This is a significant commitment from the industry and supporting partners and really underlines their commitment to a sustainable future for these scallop fisheries.”

The project will focus on better outlining stock boundaries, improving understanding of how the species interacts with its environment and ensuring more efficient management of the stock, the MSC said.

Story courtesy of Undercurrent News June 6, 2019.