Sunday, 30 June 2019

Monthly UK Sea Fisheries Statistics - Reported Landings: April 2019

Monthly UK Sea Fisheries Statistics - Reported Landings: April 2019

Key points

 The total quantity of reported landings by the UK fleet in 2019 (January to
April) was 235 thousand tonnes live weight. This is 9 per cent lower than in
the same period in 2018. The fish were sold for £315 million.

 Landings into the UK by UK vessels were down by 13 per cent when
compared with 2018, however the actual value increased by 2 per cent.
This increase in value is partly due to higher prices obtained for species
such as mackerel (up 34 per cent) and cod (up 23 per cent).

 Landings abroad by UK vessels have decreased when compared with
2018 (down 5 per cent). However, as with landings into home ports, the
actual value has increased (up 16 per cent) with significantly higher prices
being obtained for shellfish. Average cod prices fell by 52 per cent.

 Although in 2019 there were similar landings of bream into the UK by UK
vessels for both the ‘over 10 metre’ and ‘10 metre and under’ vessels, the
average prices varied significantly at £2.59 per kilo and £4.60 per kilo

 By far the largest amount and value landed in 2019 by the UK fleet was for
mackerel (67 thousand tonnes, £77 million)

 In April 2019, Durban in South Africa received the largest amount of UK
fleet landings with 10 thousand tonnes of demersal and pelagic species.

Peterhead was the highest placed home port in terms of UK fleet landings
(5 thousand tonnes, £6.8 million). In England, landings in Newlyn were 670
tonnes (£2.3 million) and in Shoreham were 650 tonnes (£1.6 million)