Thursday, 9 May 2019

Barry Mundy, on wearing a PFD and a Cornish fishermen's Guernsey

A recent episode of BBC's Coast featured Mullion fisherman Barry Mundy and his 30 years-old fishing Guernsey.  

Four years ago, Barry featured in a documentary looking at attitudes to wearing a lifejacket - or Personal Flotation Device (PFD) as they are more commonly referred to today - conceived and filmed by Grace Pascoe for her MA.

Barry has been fishing for over 50 years out of Mullion, he’s fallen overboard without a lifejacket twice and survived.  Now he wears a lifejacket, funnily enough a Mullion lifejacket, when at sea.  Barry fishes on his boat Flowing Tide and processes his own bait for potting.  Barry used to work as a Coastguard and a fisherman but now only fishes for crab and lobster out of the cove.

Both documentaries were filmed and edited by Grace Pascoe.