Thursday, 4 April 2019

Listen to, the Tale of the Disappearing Crabs.

The crabber Tenacious featured in the programme in action in the Salcombe Crabber's Race - courtesy of Fishing News.

For anyone in the fishing industry this radio programme will appeal on several different levels - enjoy!

TQ8 8 - Salcombe in Devon

One radio producer, one randomly generated postcode, and an unheard story unfolding in a corner of Britain we wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Earlier this year, producer Polly Weston discovered a random postcode generator on the internet. It sparked a radical idea. Maybe by randomly generating postcodes, and then going there, we'd find stories which are being overlooked - stories of national importance which we never would have noticed without stumbling into them.

Each week, a new postcode is randomly generated. This postcode becomes Polly's patch. Near or far, populated or not, this is the area where she must go to make the programme.

Week one takes us to TQ8 8 - and into the heart of the mystery of the disappearing crabs.

Producer/Presenter: Polly Weston
Exec Producer: Jolyon Jenkins