Thursday, 23 August 2018

Hunters of fish.

@ScillyPelagics is a great resource for lovers of marine wildlife

A few days ago footage emerged of blue-fin tuna thrashing about on the surface of the sea in a feeding frenzy - not in the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean but a few miles off the rocky shores of the Scillys.  Bluefin tuna are one of several protected species in UK waters and therefore not of interest to commercial fishermen other than for the enjoyment of being lucky enough to see them. 

Back in Newlyn, there's a number of skippers who may well be showing more than a passing interest - not because of the tuna - but for what they are feeding on - anchovies.  Some in the Cornish sardine fleet might just be tempted to make the short steam out to the Scillys on an exploratory trip before the anchovies move up the Channel. Anchovies have been caught in previous years off the coast of Devon and as they fetch a premium price compared to sardines can make economic sense to target them.