Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Spider Crab – no longer just for export!

Spider crab are one of those species of fish for which traditionally there is little local (as in UK) demand for - until now. Most of these crabs with their sweet-flavoured meat are exported to France and Spain where they are cherished.  

But now, times are a-changing! Chef Cyrus Todiwala working with the Shellfish Association of Great Britain is leading the charge in putting spider crab on the menus and BBQs of British restaurants and households.

The video records how Cyrus spent a few days in Newlyn in the company of fisherman Andrew Stevens who fishes totally sustainably from his small but well equipped punt, Benediction for shellfish like brown crab, lobster and spider crab using salted bait he caught and processed himself in the winter months.  The visit ended with a great cooking session in the company of Mike Warner from SAGB showcasing four simple Parsi cuisine inspired dishes cooked by Cyrus on the very quayside where Andrew lands his fish.

In the Gulf-stream warmed waters of the Cornish coast spider crabs are being landed by a small number of boats to feed a growing local demand. An increasing number of restaurants are adding spider crab to classic dishes lie fruit-de-mer and whole spider crab are a sought after addition to the BBQ.

Spider crab, scallops, langoustine, lobster, brown cab - all of these delicious fish are being caught right now by boats of all sizes around the coast of Cornwall - ask your local fish supplier to supply you a selection for a summer treat!