Friday, 23 March 2018

Seafush Brussels updates - keep up-to-speed with the Brexit news from Brussels

Seafish Brussels

Seafish has a representative in Brussels to ensure the timely and appropriate presentation of key information, evidence and analysis to the UK seafood industry emanating directly from the EU's institutions.

Areas of Work - Information

Seafish Brussels wants to make sure that UK's seafood industry understands the nature and decision-making mechanisms within the EU. There are downloads at the bottom of this page that explain the EU's decision-making process. Brussels Updates, periodic news roundups from Brussels, are also available for download on this page.


EU level: Seafish Brussels engages with EU stakeholders to build alliances and work together in a wide range of activities at EU level
UK level: Seafish Brussels responds to the needs of the UK seafood industry updating them on current activities and issues while guiding them to select the most appropriate approach to best defend its interests in Brussels

Brussels Updates: news round-ups from Brussels

Monthly Focus

EU Advisory Council on Markets (MAC)

The Latest Brussels Updates

Brussels Update- Brexit 19/03/18

Brussels Update- Seafood Regulation 14/03/18

Brussels Update- Brexit 12/03/18

Brussels Update- Seafood Regulation 28/02/18

Brussels Update- Brexit 26/02/18

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The EU Decision Making Process

Understanding the EU's decision-making process. Part 1

Understanding the EU's decision-making process. Part 2

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