Thursday, 2 November 2017

Industry survey - your opinion is much needed!

Complex doesn't even begin to describe the fishing industry in the North East Atlantic. When recording in Newlyn earlier this year, Smita Patel, senior BBC Producer for Radio 4s In Business described fishing as, "the most difficult area of business she has worked with in over 20 years of radio and TV! One of the dilemmas facing researchers is how to categorise the industry - Under and Over 10m just doesn't really do either sector justice - or does it?

Please, help us help you, say two two leading fishing industry researchers who are determined to help create a more effective way of working with the industry and are currently working on how to define ‘small-scale’ in a way that is more relevant to the modern fleet.

Purpose of the study:

The study relates to the definition of inshore/small-scale fishing in the UK, which is currently defined as fishing undertaken by vessels 10 metres-and-under in length. The aim of the study is to explore possibilities for updating the definition of small-scale fishing to include criteria beyond fishing vessel length, for the purposes of quota management, spatial management of fishing, and fishing licensing. 

The survey is accessible via the link below, and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Responses will be kept strictly confidential; more information about how responses will be used is provided at the beginning of the survey.

They are aiming to distribute the survey to as many people as possible - so if you can, forward this page to anyone else who could help!

Please help by completing the survey: Defining small-scale fishing in England

Who can I contact about the research?
If you have any questions or concerns about the research, or the questionnaire, you are welcome to contact Peter Davies at the University of York by email ( or telephone (07449 364328).