Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Consultation on a proposal to amend the economic link licence condition

In light of the recent landings in Newlyn of Spanglish fishing vessels this is an interesting consultation paper being produced by the Scottish Government:

What economic benefit is there when a boat puts ashore 70 out of 1700 boxes of fish on the market for auction in the UK - and the rest is shipped straight back to Spain?

This paper sets out the Scottish Government’s proposal to amend the current economic link licence condition in fishing vessel licences. Sea fisheries licences include a condition that requires vessels over 10 metres landing more than 2 tonnes of quota species annually to demonstrate a real economic link to the United Kingdom.

The current economic link licence condition was put in place to ensure that a proportion of the economic value that results from catching fish quotas is retained in the parts of the UK that are economically dependent on sea fisheries and its connected industries.

The Scottish Government wishes to amend the licence condition to strengthen the benefits that flow from fish quotas and fishing activities by placing greater emphasis on landings into Scotland and is seeking views on the proposed amendments set out in this paper.

To read the consultation paper, please CLICK HERE
Once you have read the paper, please complete the questionnaire by following the link below.

Closes 31 Oct 2017
Opened 30 Aug 2017