Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Nil discards policy - inshore trawlerman, Peter Green tells it as it is - again!

This story was posted by inshore trawlerman Peter Green from St Mawes in Cornwall highlighting the insanity of the current quota system for small vessels such as his - forced to dump well over 90% of his firts haul back overboard - mostly good sized haddock.

The Madness Of The Common Fisheries Policy!Cornish fisherman Peter Green managed to get one single tow in after the recent bad weather kept his boat tied up. however over 90% of his catch could not be landed because of the farcical EU quota restrictions that bear no relation to the amount of fish stocks on the grounds
Posted by The Skipper on Monday, 11 April 2016

Through the Gaps posted a similar story when Peter was interviewed on Radio Cornwall almost a year ago to the day last year - and the story he told then was exactly the same as today - at times plenty of fish on the ground - what has changed is the amount he is having to throw back - even more than last year!