Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Can you help Adam with this Jelly Fish survey?

From the editor's own experience:

I can think of a summer when there were huge numbers of Lion's Mane jellyfish in the Irish Sea when fishing for hake south of the Isle of Man - they seemed to get bigger every trip and forced us to wear a full set of oilskins and face protection in the height of the summer! 

The jellyfish were picked up by the nets as we hauled - with fine tentacles that were up to 100ft inlength it was impossible to avoid them!

Gill netting on the Keriolet

Marine biologist Adam Kennerley is in Newlyn this week for the final part of his jellyfish research. A number of south west fishermen have already completed the questionaire below - he would much appreciate if you help out too!

Adam writes:
"Specifically, I am in Newlyn to gain an understanding of the modern day fishing industry and to ask fishermen how they would respond to hypothetical future oceans that contain blooms of jellyfish. I will record their responses in a way that enables me to estimate any economic impacts on the industry (if any exists) if jellyfish do become more common (a trend that appears to be happening). Do you know of anyone who fishes in Cornish waters who would be happy to talk to me for 10 minutes or so?"

I would greatly appreciate the input from Newlyn fishermen in completing the survey - you can also email me at a.kennerley@uae.ac.uk  or use this link to the survey and complete it here.