Tuesday, 19 January 2016

‘THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER’ - check out the huge diversity of fishing industry careers!

‘THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER’ is a short film created by Seafish, showcasing a variety of seafood related career opportunities available to young people in the UK.

Focusing on a skipper, fishmonger, fish & chip shop owners and a seafood buyer, the film features real people, all under 30, who are forging a successful career in seafood. All contributors share their story, including what they see as the main benefits of choosing a career in this diverse industry.

With special thanks to all contributors for their involvement:

Ben Bengey – MFV Silver Spirit
George Hooper – GCH Fishmongers
Emma Moffat – Icelandic Seachill
James and Bonny Ritchie – Simpsons Fish and Chips

Video and post production: The Gate, Edinburgh
Executive producer for Seafish: Chris Middleton
©Seafish 2015