Sunday, 24 January 2016

Newlyn webcam goes live - never miss out on the action again!

Come rain or snow, storms or blazing sunrises, now you can watch the action, live as it happens and follow the fleet as they leave and return Through the Gaps in Newlyn! Use an AIS service like VesselTracker to follow your favourite boat at sea and then watch them live entering the harbour - and check out the weather at the same time.

The livestreaming service has been kindly supplied courtesy of Camsecure and South West Digital - between them the companies cater for a wide variety of web and home based digital content from satellite TV aerial installation to web based CCTV - especially useful for monitoring and safety purposes.

As the sun goes down or at night you will notice a sequence of three flashes - this is the Low Lee buoy - an eastern cardinal marker warning shipping of danger on its west side - the Low Lee reef.

More information about the buoyage system managed by Trinity House can be found here.