Friday, 11 December 2015

Light-minded tech savvy Arduino person needed for pathfinder light-driven fishing project!

Here's a highly innovative project that might just provide a solution or at least part solution to seeing a way through the minefield that is the LO or discards ban.

Based in London SafetyNetTech's primary goal is to design and build devices to increase the selectivity of commercial fishing practices, making the industry more sustainable. Light, of interest to the fishing gear technology community since the 1970s, can be used as a tool to achieve this. Technologies such as LEDs and cheap manufacturing of hardware and electronics are opening up new commercial opportunities for the wider application of these selectivity devices. SafetyNet Technologies has been building sophisticated LED systems to enable experimentation into how light can segregate between ages and species of fish, and is applying that knowledge to create simple sets of lights to help fishermen catch the right fish. We work across the sector with fishermen, scientists, suppliers and regulators to create user-centred solutions to issues currently faced by the industry.

We strongly believe that the solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges must be backed by sustainable business cases in order to achieve real impact. To this end, all @SafetyNet products aim to satisfy each element of the value chain of which they are a part.

The guys are currently looking for another hand to join the team. Here's the person spec for an amazing opportunity to get involved with the project:

SafetyNet Technologies takes a user-centred design approach to building electro-mechanical solutions to overfishing, backed by sound business models, that help make the commercial fishing industry smarter and less wasteful. Based in London Bridge, we are a team of 4 design engineers who have built strong links with the international commercial fishing industry, scientific community and regulatory bodies. There are solutions to the global overfishing problem
and we aim to accelerate their discovery to enable maximum positive impact.
We’re searching for someone to work on a project involving controllable lights. The appropriate person will be comfortable:
● working fairly rapidly (due to the deadline)
● Building a basic UI (most likely with Processing or similar)
● Designing and assembling electronic components (most likely with Arduino as a base, or something similar)
● Specifying and sourcing electronic components
● Specifying and sourcing PCBs (where off-the-shelf is unavailable)
● Building something for use in the marine environment (don’t worry, we can help with that - we’re most
interested in your electronics skills)
● Linking all these things together to create a usable device at the end of it all!
The project is due to be delivered in early December 2015. You’ll be working out of Sustainable Bridges in London Bridge, the place that SafetyNet Technologies calls home. This project would be suitable for someone who wanted to work part-time, and also for people who prefer remote working (with regular check-ins at Sustainable Bridges).

Please send a CV and Cover Letter expressing your interest in the role to