Thursday, 31 December 2015

Langoustine. 99€ le kilo au Guilvinec !

What would you pay for live langoustine?

At that price, you have to eat it whole with the legs, head and antennas!

Translation courtesy of Dr Google!

At that price, you have to eat it whole with the legs, head, antennas up! Norway lobster reached a historic record on December 24. Up to 99 euros per kilo by auction in Guilvinec! Blame the bad weather and the strong demand of the moment. We knew the delicate lady and the less precious but at this point! The kilo of prawns flew on December 24 stalls. Fishmongers who proposed the crustacean have not even dared marger above or very little, considering the price already offered by auction. How to explain this price surge? Unfavorable weather is discarded immediately the increase in diesel prices. With the steady decline of fuel, the price of fish still not down. The reason for this outbreak of lobster is to be sought in the weather and the strong winds currently sweeping the Brittany coast. The conditions are not favorable for fishing. The boats are few out. The heavy swell blew the trawl on the bottom. The features are low productivity, limited contributions.

At Guilvinec (29), the seven boats that ventured December 23 landed 111 kilos of prawns unfortunate, between 15 and 20 kg each. A pittance next to the 150 to 200 kg usually landed with each tide and by boat. On the side of Concarneau (29), some boats have also shunned lobster for Saint-Jacques shell Glénan which did not take off beyond eight euros. Fewer prices rise to fish, the boats have little fed auction. 20 euros per kilo in December 22 fish, 23 to 40 euros and 70 euros 24 for average lobster, the law of supply and demand has done its work, with a price more than twice the lobster! 99,90 euros per kilo size 2 on the stall of a large area of ​​Brest fish! Barely more than the € 94.62 per kilo sold by auction in Guilvinec the day before, and the € 99.86 a kilo of the best offered in a box of 4.25 kg, 23 December. 

Do it again tomorrow for New Year's Eve?

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