Saturday, 29 August 2015

Pirrip Press Fish Festival prints 2015

The Fish Shop

@PirripPress have been producing limited edition prints for the Newlyn Fish Festival for the past three years. This year, we have a fresh pair of designs to commemorate the festival for just £10 each!

The Fish Shop print is a two colour shop front showing a lavish display of the sea's bounty. Spot Plaice, Cod, Prawns, Crabs and more. (And a whisker-licking onlooker).

The posters are silkscreen printed by hand, in two colours, and they are in a limited edition of just 100 each. £2 from each print sold goes to the Festival committee, to distribute to charity - so you'll be donating to a good cause, and getting something handsome to hang on your wall. The prints measure 34x 24 cm, just right for a 30x40 frame, and each one is hand numbered.

We'll be selling the prints on the North Pier come festival day (August 31st), so if you want to reserve and pay for yours now, to collect from us on the day, then choose that option from the menu below. (We'll send you a confirmation email to let you know we've put your print aside). If you can't make it, then choose the '+delivery' option below and buy one with the delivery price included.

You can also order prints online here: