Sunday, 2 August 2015

New video! Fisheries Science Research Diaries | Maldives

One of IPNLF’s ongoing key priorities in the Maldives has been onboard fisheries science research in the Marine Stewardship Council certified Maldivian pole-and-line skipjack and yellowfin tuna fisheries. Data is being collected on bait use, fuel use and the catch on these trips. We are pleased to share with you our first film showcasing our onboard research, featuring IPNLF Fisheries Science and Research Officer Kelsey Miller. 

This short film showcases one of Kelsey’s research trips in Thinadoo, the capital of Gaafu Dhaalu in the Upper South Province, aboard the largest pole-and-line fishing vessel in the country, the Kalhirava. On this research trip in Thinadhoo, the average size of landed skipjack was greater than size at maturity - skipjack reach maturity between 40-45cm – and there was zero bycatch – good news for Maldivian marine life!


The data collected through these research trips helps advise baitfish and fuel use recommendations, and provides invaluable information to the and the The crew of the Kalhirava pole-and-line fishing vessel

The Marine Research Centre (Maldives)
Kelsey Miller, IPNLF Fisheries Science Research Officer
Muawin Yoosuf, IPNLF Assistant
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