Tuesday, 14 July 2015

MMO launches the all-new Marine Information System (MIS)

Here's the latest from the MMO’s marine planning team who would like to tell you a little bit about a marine planning tool that has recently undergone some changes.

On the 8 July 2015 the MMO launched the redesigned Marine Information System (MIS). The MIS is a tool for all of those with an interest in England’s marine areas to explore marine plans including applicants for development licenses and decision-makers. It displays policies for all adopted marine plans in an accessible online format.

Updated features include:

  • refreshed website layout providing a gateway to access all marine plans as they are developed across England’s marine area 
  • policy considerations for marine plans that will inform plan users during application and decision-making processes 
  • multi-layer Geographical Information System-based mapping information, allowing a locally focussed search of activities and resources, including information on approved marine licenses as well as those under consideration 
  • a policy check tool which enables users to search for marine plan policies within a user defined geographical area 
  • purpose-built accessibility for mobile devices and tablets.

You can access the MIS at: http://mis.marinemanagement.org.uk/