Monday, 20 July 2015

"Fresh local king prawns" - from Newlyn?

It's good to see the local restaurants and eateries taking advantage of locally sourced food products and saying so on their menus - this one was spotted on a menu board somewhere in Penzance.

As an astronomer the term 'local' may mean anywhere on the planet or even solar system - but to the rest of us mere mortals, 'local' surely means a few miles down the road - well to the best of my knowledge, king prawns have yet to make an appearance on Newlyn's fish market - and a quick look at IFCA and the MMO's list of pressure stocks and minimum landing sizes revealed no quota, no minimum size and no landing figures for king prawns - from that we have to conclude a slight misrepresentation of the truth on behalf of this eating place - 

and if you want to be really picky spot two spelling and two punctuation errors on the board - shades of Only Fools and Horses, Rodney!