Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Coming LIVE! - FIS - Annual Scottish Fishing Conference, 2015

Next week, #FIS will be livestreaming a two day conference on the subject causing most angst for many fishermen - specifically those who work in mixed fisheries where it is difficult to restrict the catch to a single species.

Through the Gaps will Livestream the conference which means that you can take part in the conference remotely even if you are at sea - as long as you have web access! There will be a chatroom style link with the conference speakers - simply type in your question and it will be relayed to the conference speaker or chair. 

The Fisheries Innovation Scotland (FIS) conference will be on the theme of: 

"Working with the Landings Obligation"

The 2015 ASFC will highlight the latest advancements in understanding and working with the complexities of the Landings Obligation, and will include examples of progress made internationally.

Current knowledge gaps will be identified, and a plan for practical and tactical research to overcome these will be formulated.

For further information, visit: http://www.fiscot.org/asfc-2015