Sunday, 17 May 2015

Twenty five years on.....a few words from Peter Bruce from the Budding Rose and the future.

Just saying.

Photo courtesy of Jamesie Quinn

 "It's 25 years just now since we starting fishing with the Budding Rose.  ln that 25 years l have seen so many changes in the fishing.  Now we go out trip after trip and hardly see a boat.  lt's sad really that our fleet has become so small compared to when l first started but l suppose that's what happens when the politician give away your fishing grounds to join the United States of Europe!! 
The good thing nowadays is amount of fish we are seeing on the grounds it really is great to see.  l know we land a lot lighter boxes* than we used but even so we are landing a lot more.  l remember in the early 2000s we sometimes went for up 10 days and landed about 20 ton now often we are out 6/7 days for 32 ton.  l see a good future in the fishing but we need quotas to rise in line with what we seeing on the grounds." ‪#‎eatmorefish‬
We hope so too Peter, here's to the next generation!

lighter boxes* It was common practice for Scottish boats to overfill the wooden boxes they too to sea - it helped them stay stable when iced and stacked in the fishroom!