Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Scottish trawler Kairos BF190 sinks west of the Scillys - all hands safe and well.

Kairos in Newlyn after landing prawns

Five fishermen have been rescued by the crew of the Cu Na Mara from a life raft after the Kairos - BF 36", 125 gt, sank 75 miles west of the Isles of Scilly. The UK Coastguard received two distress calls on May 18, 2015, just after 11:45 p.m. including an EPRIB from the Kairos that gave a GPS location for the vessel. 

The Falmouth Coastguard coordinated the search that involved two Irish Coast Guard Search and Rescue helicopters, #RNLI St Mary’s lifeboat, fishing vessels and two commercial vessels that were in the area. After the Scottish skipper and four Filipino were recovered from the life raft they were making their way to Castletownbere. 

All were safe and well. (2 hours ago, by Timsen )

The Kairos is one of five Scottish prawn trawlers working from Newlyn on grounds west of the Scillys. The boat was skippered by Zander Jack Jnr whose previous vessel (also Kairos) is now the Ajaz PZ36 currently fishing from Newlyn. Zander's father is currently fishing west of the Scillys with the Vision III.

The  Kairos was fishing west of the Scillys...

on the prawn grounds...

the rest of the small fleet of Scottish prawn boats (highlighted) landed in Newlyn this morning.