Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hake is no substitute for bass!

From a French newspaper:

In January, Europe has banned pelagic trawlers fish for bass in the Channel, until the end of April. Eight boats Lorient are concerned.

On 27 January, the European Commission officially banned fishing in the bar, in the Channel, Celtic Sea, Irish Sea and southern North Sea, pelagic trawlers. Only them, only in these areas north of the 48th parallel.

The decision affected eight Keroman trawlers allowed to track their favorite carnivore until 30 April. The reason? Protect the bass stock, considered weak by scientists.

A few days before the lifting of the ban, where are we? What did the boats? What are the economic consequences for armaments and their crews?

"Bass constraints, we referred on hake that was caught in the southwest of the tip of Penmarc'h" says Eric Guygniec, co-manager of armament Apak in Lorient. But hake sold € 2 per kilo could not compensate for a bar to 7 €.

Result: the shortfall by boat is estimated at € 160,000 in the first four months of the year. Directly reflects on payroll crews. Eric Guygniec estimated "€ 1,500 a month" lost wages by boat