Thursday, 23 April 2015

Penlee boys in action twice in one night.

Troon registered scalloper Philomena coming in through the gaps with the Ivan Ellen astern.

Penlee RNLI’s lifeboats launched twice last night (Wednesday 22 April) to assist two separate vessels in Mounts Bay. The all-weather lifeboat Ivan Ellen and its volunteer crew launched to assist the Newlyn based Scallop trawler Philomena which had lost her propeller 30 miles east of The Lizard, whilst the inshore lifeboat, Duckhams 2001, assisted a small sailing vessel just outside Penzance Harbour. At 4.30pm on Wednesday 22 April the all-weather lifeboat Ivan Ellen launched from Newlyn at the request of the Philomena’s owners. In a force five easterly wind with Coxswain Patch Harvey at the helm, the lifeboat escorted the trawler back to Newlyn. About a mile off shore the crew attached a rope on the stern of the trawler, to act as a brake and to keep her straight, and once through the gaps they safely manoeuvred the Philomena into a berth at Newlyn Harbour.

At 7.49pm the same evening the crew pagers were activated and a launch request was received from HM Coastguard at Falmouth, who had received a number of 999 calls from members of the public who had witnessed a small sailing vessel capsizing more than once in rough sea conditions just outside Penzance Harbour.

With Dave Pascoe at the helm and accompanied by volunteer crew members, Ben Keogh and Tom Matson, the inshore lifeboat Duckhams 2001 launched from Newlyn and swiftly made its way to Penzance. On arrival they found that the small sailing vessel was just entering the harbour. Volunteer crew member, Ben Keogh, said: ’We spoke to the chap on board and everything was in order and under control. He was properly kitted out with a life jacket and wetsuit. We just stayed with him until he was safely inside Penzance Harbour. The inshore lifeboat Duckhams 2001 returned to Newlyn and was made ready for service.