Newlyn Fish Market - boats due to land.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Education, education, education!

One man's high street experience:

"I've just been on the high street of my local town where I was accosted by a very young girl raising money for Greenpeace. I normally just walk past anyone collecting for Greenpeace but I gave her a chance to say her bit. Then I asked what she knew about the UK fishing industry.... oh she had all the patter ---- 'millions and millions of tonnes are being taken from the sea every year, and half of it isn't even recorded. No one can stop the fishing boats. And they are destroying the seabed at the same time and killing off birds, dolphins and all sorts of other things..."

Trying to contain my anger, I asked how many fishermen were there in the UK - didn't know. So I asked how many tonnes of fish is caught in the UK every year -- didn't know. So I changed my line of questions and asked how much money does Greenpeace get from donations in the UK every year.... didn't know. I just walked away. 
But all of this makes a point. 
There were three of these Greenpeace kids (probably earning about £25 for the day and just given the script of what to say) and this is their second 12hr day here -- so how many unsuspecting members of the public have been told by them about all the criminal fishermen and how this industry isn't regulated by anyone? It's no wonder the world thinks this is a crooked industry when they are being brainwashed like this."