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Monday 1 April 2024

A New Era for an Old Relationship: Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners formalise fish auction agreement with W Stevenson & Sons

Tis information supersedes any previous appertaining to the running of the fish market,

Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners (NP&HC) and W Stevenson & Sons Limited (WS&S) have signed an agreement that both formalises and modernises the productive and long-standing relationship that has existed between them in Newlyn for decades.

From that date, the new arrangements within this agreement will provide legal certainty and stability for both parties, whilst establishing a cohesive partnership with one strategic aim – to provide superlative facilities and services for the Cornish fleet and wider UK fishing industry.

This agreement not only demonstrates that NP&HC have confidence in WS&S to take the Newlyn Fish Market auction forward in support of fishers from Cornwall and across the UK. It also enables the Harbour Commissioners and its management team to focus on the sustainable development of the Newlyn Harbour estate, and on continuing to ensure that its harbour and quays are well-maintained for the benefit of all users.

WS&S is now the exclusive auctioneer at Newlyn Fish Market for the seven-year duration of this concession agreement, which will not only ensure its continued investment in people and equipment, but also the continuance and further development of an efficient and well-managed fish auction at the Port.

Whatever happens inside Newlyn Fish Market is now the domain of WS&S.

Whatever happens outside Newlyn Fish Market on the rest of the Newlyn Harbour estate is the province of NP&HC and the Newlyn Harbour Master/CEO.

Operationally, the following practical changes will be implemented from Monday 1st April and we appreciate the understanding and co-operation of all harbour users whilst we all familiarise ourselves with these new arrangements.

The important point to remember is that Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners will be working with W Stevenson & Sons Limited to improve and expand the facilities and services that are offered at Newlyn Harbour for the benefit of fishers, harbour users and the local community.

Newlyn Fish Market

  • W Stevenson & Sons (WS&S) now has full control over ALL operations within Newlyn Fish Market
  • If you require access to Newlyn Fish Market for any reason, please contact the Market Manager at WS&S on 07876 832055 or 07836 522314, not the Harbour Office
  • Refrigerated storage in Newlyn Fish Market is now at the discretion of WS&S. Please provide WS&S with prior notice by telephoning or messaging 07876 832055 or 07836 522314, or visiting Newlyn Fish Market Reception. If space allows, WS&S will confirm where fish should be stored. Please note that there is a charge of £1 per box, per day for this service
  • No equipment (including pallet trucks and scales etc) are to be removed from Newlyn Fish Market without express prior permission from WS&S
  • If you experience any issues with facilities and services at Newlyn Fish Market, please contact WS&S on the contact details above or email paul.trebilcock@wstevenson.co.uknot the Harbour Office.

Newlyn Harbour

  • Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners (NP&HC) and its management team continue to manage, maintain and develop the Newlyn Harbour estate, Newlyn Harbour and its quays
  • If you wish to report an incident or a maintenance issue, or require lifting and launching facilities; berths or moorings for your vessel; water, electricity; storage or repairs, or launching, angling and car parking permits, please visit the Harbour Office or contact us via info@newlynharbour.com or 01736 362521
  • Newlyn Harbour is open and staffed 24/7. Vessels are asked to provide 24 hours’ notice of arrival and call us on VHF Ch12 when passing the Low Lee Buoy. There is an operational member of Newlyn Harbour staff (day, night and weekend watch), monitoring the VHF and Harbour 24/7, 365 days per year.