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Thursday 15 February 2024

Can you help? Ratings consultations update for Cornwall Good Seafood Guide 2024.

Winter Ratings Review

Transparency and credibility are important to the Good Fish Guide. After we’ve researched and drafted a set of ratings updates, we put them out to consultation. Ratings consultations are open twice per year, in February and August. We welcome feedback from anyone with technical insight and information that could contribute to the comprehensiveness and quality of our ratings.

After consultations have closed, we consider and respond to all feedback, which is kept anonymous. We then finalise and publish our new and updated ratings on all the Good Fish Guide platforms.

The Winter 2023/24 ratings consultation is live until, Wednesday 6th March. To comment, please download the Good Fish Guide Ratings Review, and complete the indicated column for ratings of interest.

Please send your completed sheets back to ratings@mcsuk.org along with any supporting information.

We welcome feedback until 5pm Wednesday 6th March 2024

You can see the download here, there are four sheets altogether - sheet 4 "Cornwall Wildlife Review" is the sheet to add your comments to the file download or you could identify any species and include it in an email to ratings@mcsuk.org