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Thursday 5 October 2023

Grab the 2024 Fish-Mish calendar now!


The 2024 calendar entitled ‘Hwedhla’, a Cornish verb meaning to tell stories, features poignant photography of fishermen, their boats and Cornish coastal scenes taken by photographer Chris Boulton

The Fishermen’s Mission calendar 2024 marks the passing months with unique imagery and authentic insights into the lives of Cornwall’s fishing community. In addition, monthly QR codes on each page will lead you to an online archive containing...

a what3words location finder enabling visitors to Cornwall to identify where the shots were taken. 

A full story archive featuring the fishermen’s tales of life at sea, their boats, and onboard superstition, all told in their own words, And a complete photography collection featuring additional fishing scenes from the Cornish coast. 

 A4 Landscape when Folded, A3 when hanging and open - order your copiers here!