Thursday, 10 February 2022

MP Derek Thomas will be in the Swordfish, Newlyn from around 7pm this Friday to answer your questions.

Happy Hour in the Swordfish 

Local St Ives MP Derek Thomas (he's the one on the left) will be holding a local surgery in the Swordfish Inn in Newlyn tomorrow evening (11th Feb) from around 7pm.

With the future of Newlyn, which depends heavily on the income generated directly though fishing and associated trades this week's surgery being held in the Swordfish Inn, Newlyn provides the perfect opportunity to question or put across your thoughts directly to local MP Derek Thomas.

The harbour is looking at a number of large scale concepts based on feedback from harbour users over the last few yeas to future-proof the port well into the 21st century - some of these plans could depend on the creation of an access road that connects the harbour and other developments planned for Sandy Cove and beyond. Plans for much needed affordable housing is also at the top of the MP's agenda as coastal areas in Cornwall wrestle with absurd increases in the price of property and the now, almost non-existent long-term rental market, especially those within easy reach of ports. Covid and Air BNB have contrived to nor only price out but drive out not just affordable but almost any property on the open market.

Private and commercial traffic passing through Newlyn currently causes chaos at peak times as as heavy goods vehicles, buses, holiday and local traffic negotiate the narrow streets adjacent to the port or, worse still, head up and down Chywoone (Paul ) Hill. 

Newlyn, like many areas is in desperate need for affordable housing in order to meet the growing demands made by the expansion of commercial fishing and maritime related businesses - a positive sign for the future of the town but one which is seriously hampered by the lack of sufficient, suitable accommodation.

Derek Thomas will be at the bar of the Swordfish ready to answer your questions from 7pm, so don't be late!

Check out the harbour's concept plans here.