Wednesday, 10 February 2021


Brexit is here. 

Let's make it work.


For those who haven't seen this yet, two P'rtleveners, Felix Griffiths and Ross Sloan have been working on 'FROTH THE FIZZ' - a comic style series of stories about the British fishing industry. 

In my eyes, Brexit should be about buying British, supporting our local business' and communities, not half the shit we were told in the leave campaign. How on earth did we think Brexit would work without this?!

Though it may appear like some sort of amusing publicity stunt it's nothing of the sort...

they have both been tirelessly researching and working with fishermen and other organisations, with the hope to educate people, highlighting the realisation of problems our fishing industry is facing...

a number of suitably fishy characters have been created to help tell the story...

in a fun way - and there are more to follow.

Ross and Felix would like to thank the following fishermen and suppliers for their support in kick-starting the project:

Celtic Fish & Game 
Cornwall Fish Direct 
Brett Jose 
Tommy Phillips 
Matt Pullen 
The Real Cornish Crab Co. 
Dreckly Fish 
The Cornish Shellfish Co
Craig Beeslee 
James Mitchell
Robert & Josh Goddard 
Allan 'Scotty' Wheeler-James 
Scott Eastwood 
Sailors Creek Shellfish 
Sam James 
Happy Gilbert 
Richard Halpin 
Laurence Hartwell 
Forgotten Fish 

Enjoy the featured characters and their stories so far. You may even be surprised... Only the people can make the change


Landed for life!