Saturday, 15 August 2020

Return of the Penlee Lifeboat, The Brothers.

Writes Jonathon Banks: 

"When I heard that The Brothers (a near 100 year old historic ex lifeboat, with so many local connections and stories) was potentially going to be scrapped for parts, in my mind we had no option but to get involved in trying to save her. Sat in a marina 300 miles away, holes in her hull and with little time before her imminent demise, I realised the best way to save her was to take her on myself, buy her and bring her home."

It's an honour to be heading this project to save such an important boat and a huge thank you to everyone who's offered their help and support so far. But we need more help. If she is truly to come home we need to find somewhere close to Newlyn/Penzance where we can keep her and work on her while she is restored. If you know a farmer, estate owner, someone with a large garden, a spot on an industrial estate or perhaps someone at the council can help. 

If you think you can help in anyway please email me on or call 01736 887301.  

THE BROTHERS Lifeboat (ON 671) was the first motor lifeboat to arrive at Penlee and was based there from 1922 until 1930. A Watson Class, she was the first to be fitted with the new 90 B.H.P. 6-cylinder engine. Her donors were the Misses Eddy of Torquay, who also provided the money for alterations to the boathouse and slipway made necessary by the larger lifeboat. 

This plaque at the head of the Penlee Boathouse records the extraordinary generosity of these three spinster ladies. 

A ‘Save the Brothers’ website will soon be available- Facebook page here -

Thank you once again for all your support.