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APPG Newsletter June 2020

Welcome to the APPG on Fisheries newsletter. Through regular updates, we aim to keep you informed of policy developments, Parliamentary announcements and sector headlines. We also provide round-ups of current Committee inquiries and fisheries-focused monitoring of the Parliamentary record, Hansard.
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Our next virtual event will be on Thursday 2 July at 3pm, and is open to all. The event will focus on the welfare and mental wellbeing challenges that affect UK fishers, and how they can be addressed. Get in touch to register.

Parliament News

Final Payments from Fisheries Response Fund

Eligible English fishing and aquaculture businesses are due to receive a further and final payment from the government’s Fisheries Response Fund by 15 June. The MMO-administered fund has been supporting the sector since April in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Scottish Government Releases Additional Quotas

The Scottish Government has released a support package of up to £2 million aiming to allow inshore shellfish fishermen access to additional fish quotas, particularly mackerel. This is in response to the collapse of the international shellfish market.


EFRA Committee Talks to Fishing Industry Leaders

Earlier this week, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee heard from the National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations, the Scottish Fishermen's Federation, the New Under Tens Fishermen's Association and the Scottish Seafood Association on the subject of the future of UK fishing.

New Fisheries Bill Progressing Through Lords

The House of Lords finished close analysis of the Fisheries Bill on 11 March. The Bill is due to move onto report stage on 22 June, where it will undergo further line-by-line examination. The Secretariat's digest of initial significant changes since 2019 is accessible here.

Fisheries News

A round-up of the latest UK-relevant fishing news from a variety of sources.

Recording of APPG 'Innovative Responses to the Pandemic' Event
The recording of last week’s event is now live, along with transcribed answers to the questions put to panelists from MPs and attendees.

APPG Secretariat Publishes Brief on Fisheries Socioeconomics
The Secretariat's latest brief details the key outcomes from February's event, namely the socioeconomic challenges and opportunities faced by the fisheries sector.

APPG Secretariat Publishes Signpost Article to Direct-Sales Initiatives
The post highlights a number of direct-sales initiatives operating across the UK, as a useful resource for the fisheries industry and consumers alike.

Action Plan Published for Future of Our Inshore Fisheries Project
Seafish has published a report and action plan which set out first steps for reforming UK inshore management. Co-management and collaboration are key themes.

Scottish Government's Seafood Resilience Fund Gives Out Over £5 Million
The fund has aided 128 companies in Scotland's processing sector. Other Scottish funds, such as the Sea Fisheries Intervention Fund, have supported vessel owners.

MMO Releases Guide for England's Marine Development Sector
The guide is for businesses involved in marine development in English waters, to help them navigate the government support packages currently available.

Hansard Monitoring

Hansard is the official record of debates, votes and ministerial statements in Parliament. Our newsletters gather together any debates or questions concerning fisheries that have recently taken place.

Debate | Commons | 9 June | Future Relationship with the EU, including Fisheries

Question | Lords | 9 June | EU Trade and Security Debates, including Fisheries

Question | Defra | 9 June | MMO Resources to Assist Fishing Industry

Question | Defra | 9 June | Monitoring Defra's Performance in Assisting Fisheries

Question | Defra | 9 June | Estimates of Vessels Receiving Funds, and Effectiveness

Question | Defra | 9 June | Promotion of British Food, including Fish

Question | Defra | 9 June | New Fisheries Rules After Transition Period

Question | Defra | 9 June | Supporting Fishermen Without Access to Funds

Question | Defra | 9 June | Food Prices During COVID-19, including Fish

Question | Defra | 8 June | Costs and Benefits of Sea For Yourself Campaign

Question | Defra | 8 June | Reforming Rules on Fish Discards

Question | Defra | 8 June | Trial of Effort System for Inshore Fishing

Debate | Commons | 4 June | Future EU-UK Partnership, including Fisheries

Debate | Commons | 4 June | Business of the House, including the Fisheries Bill

Debate | Northern Ireland | 2 June | EU Exit, including Fishing Rights
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