Wednesday, 11 March 2020

MAIB issue Safety Warning Bulletin after beam trawler Resurgam incident.

Safety warning after inadvertent activation of condensed aerosol fire extinguishing system leads to a fatality

We have issued a safety bulletin highlighting a potentially serious hazard associated with condensed aerosol firefighting suppressant particles after the fatal accident on fishing vessel Resurgam.

The bulletin sets out the key precautions require to protect personnel from this hazard:

Typical discharge of a condensed aerosol fire suppressant (not at time of accident)


Inadvertent discharge of a condensed aerosol fire extinguishing system during its installation on board the fishing vessel Resurgam (PZ 1001) on 15 November 2019, with loss of 1 life.


FirePro has been recommended (S2020/114) to issue a safety alert to the owner/operators of vessels fitted with its systems and its network of marine installation/maintenance engineers.

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This accident remains under investigation and the detailed causes and circumstances will be published in an investigation report in due course.

Published 10 March 2020
Marine Accident Investigation Branch