Saturday, 3 November 2018

What our fishing industry is up against.

PEW Charitable Trust is currently advertising for a  Senior Associate, Communications (Press Officer) to be based in their Brussels office liaising directly with their London Office. And they are not alone.

"Our Brussels office is #hiring - we're looking for a Senior Associate, Communications to support our Ending Overfishing in Northwestern Europe campaign."

Despite the overwhelming efforts of the UK fishing industry to fish sustainably - remember "there are only 100 adult cod in the North Sea"? - organisations (largely American) and NGOs continually lobby Brussels and elsewhere as if fishing was on the verge of collapse. They are able to spend millions of dollars lobbying European governments including in the UK.

Their own marketing material describes them as "independent nonprofit"founded by money from American oil...

yet when it comes to being transparent about how they are funded today you can see they are almost at the bottom of the 'Transparency League Table'.

In other words, 4,071 independent UK fishing vessels, the vast majority of whom are simply businesses trying to put food in people's mouths and paying off mortgages and bills are faced with the lobbying power of gigantic proportions.