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Thursday 29 November 2018

MCA M notice on the compulsory wearing of PFDs - personal Flotation Devices.

The MCA has published a new set of COMPULSORY provisions for the wearing of PFDs (Personal Flotation Device) aboard fishing vessels. here is a summary of the provision contained in the M Notice.

 Where risks cannot be reduced to a safe level by other measures, personal protective equipment must be provided and used.  
 Statistics show that there is a significant risk of fishermen working on open decks falling overboard. 
 Following risk assessment, measures should be established to reduce the risk of fishermen falling overboard wherever practicable. MGN 571(F) gives guidance on preventing man overboard on fishing vessels.  
 MCA will expect to see a record of any risk assessment and measures put in place.  
 From the date of publication of this Notice, failure to ensure the provision and wearing of PFDs and/or fall restraint harnesses by all fishermen working where there is a risk of falling overboard will be considered by the MCA to be a breach of health and safety legislation.  
 The only exception to this is where the fishing vessel owner can demonstrate, through a documented risk assessment, that the risk of falling overboard has been eliminated by other measures.