Saturday, 22 September 2018

Catalyzing the Growth of Electronic Monitoring in Fisheries

Once seen as the epitome of the devil incarnate EM (Electronic ~Monitoring) many fishermen are now coming round to the idea that EM is the only way they can protect their futures by arming themselves with hard evidence to back up the claims of fishing viability in an increasingly hostile world. From across the pond comes an in-depth and revealing report on the impact EM is having on the west coast of the USA.

The Nature Conservancy and California Environmental Associates have released an outstanding new report.  Here is some introductory language:

This paper presents a brief overview of the current state of EM, the benefits of the technology, and the main barriers to broader adoption, as well as a set of recommendations to help catalyse the growth of EM in fisheries. Recommendations are organised around the primary barriers to adoption presented in the paper, and a set of overarching near-term priorities for catalysing the growth of EM are offered at the end of the report. More than 40 EM experts representing NGOs, foundations, regulators, seafood and catch-sector companies, and EM providers were interviewed as a part of this project, and their perspectives have been invaluable in synthesizing the current state of EM and collating a set of recommendations for advancing the tool. These perspectives have been supplemented with a review of the EM literature. We hope the findings in this report will spur further conversations about the role of EM in improving fisheries management and delivering value to the seafood industry, and help build alignment within the fisheries stakeholder community around how best to advance this tool.

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