Thursday, 21 June 2018

Video: the wave to the soul, the odyssey of Senegalese fishermen in Brittany

Although we have been members of the EU for 45 years our MSM never really acknowledged that fact. Our news programmes have never offered regular slots on EU news - all too often the news reflected our island nation and island nation mentality as if the ills of the world were unique to the UK.  Just recently the consequences of Brexit and foreign fishing crews on Irish and Scottish vessels has made the news.  A short journey across the channel to the French and Breton ports and we find our French counterpart trawler skippers facing a similar dilemma!

"In Brittany, in the west of France, several fishermen of Senegalese origin board early in the morning on trawlers to bring back fish in the auctions of Guilvinec or Lorient. They came to work in France because in their country, between overfishing and impoverishment of fisheries resources, the fishing sector is in crisis. Emigrants in France, they keep a strong link with Senegal. Our reporters went to meet them from Lorient to Joal-Fadiouth.

Senegal has long prepared for West Africa of the richest fishing waters. But the fishing industry, prohibited fishing techniques or illegal fishing began to deplete fish stocks.

This overexploitation, which satisfies the appetite of the fishmeal factories installed on the coast, directly affects the small fishermen and the local populations, which suffer from the fall of activity. On board their canoes, some then venture illegally into the waters of neighbouring countries, such as Guinea. Others prefer to leave Senegal to try adventure in Europe.

Nearly 500 Senegalese fishermen are working in Brittany , on the quays of Lorient, Guilvinec, Roscoff, Saint-Vaast or Cherbourg."

A documentary by the award winning team of Sébastien Daycard-Heid, co-directed with Bertrand Dévé.