Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Skipper wanted to trial stability monitor


Specifically designed for the fishing industry, but equally applicable to other craft, a new development leading on from Kranskan™ has now been developed to prototype stage.

The biggest loss of life in the fishing industry is due to the sinking of the vessels when they lose stability. The new SeaWise™ stability monitor safety device developed by Hook Marine is designed for small craft to warn of loss of stability while at sea.

The SeaWise™ stability monitor logs the loss of stability through continuous roll period measurement. Its development has been sponsored by the UK Sea Fish Industry Authority and Scottish Enterprise. Tests of the on-board sensors have been carried out at the University of Edinburgh using a model in the wave basin at the engineering laboratories. Results to date have been satisfactory, and sea trials on full size vessels are expected very shortly.

For more information on the SeaWise™ stability monitor logs please contact us.