Thursday, 10 May 2018

Two historic Fishing News front pages.

Two historic moments in UK fishing industry history. 

The first records the duty when hundreds of fishermen felt so strongly about their plight that all but a handful took time off from the sea away from earning a living and travelled to the seat of national power to protest. 

The second records the time when allowing fishermen to trade both licence and quota was set to become law - if they knew then that one FoC boat would own 22% of the entire fishing quota (by weight) and that by 2018 over 50% of fishing quota would be in non-UK hands would things be different?

The last page gives you a chance to compare landings and port prices for the year 1990 in the days when all prices were per stone - which, for the unknowing, 1 stone = 14pounds = 6.4Kg. There are also plenty of faces from South West ports in the photos that can be identified, some long gone.