Wednesday, 28 March 2018

If only a 10 year old could solve the problem.

It's always encouraging to see someone have a go at deconstructing the fishing industry and its management of stocks by the EU - especially when masquerading as a 10 year old.  This podcast merits a watch and listen - though I'm not so sure how many in the industry would accept the premise that, NGOs "know exactly what to do". Eating a wider variety of fish is commendable and will ease the pressure on certain stocks as will talking and spreading the words about just how good eating fish is!

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In this episode, Camille receives Member of EU Parliament Linnéa Engström to talk fish quotas, AgriFish Council meetings and governance of the commons. EU Ministers forgo moral scientific and legal obligations and that's not OK. With this simple story, they highlight a part of our EU institutions that doesn't work and discuss what we can do about it.

They suggest three things you can do to help end overfishing:

1. Support NGOs working in that space (they know exactly what to do):

2. Try the fishes that are different! Reducing the demand for most popular fishes will help balance the quotas (check out
3. Spread fish stories: subscribe & share!

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