Thursday, 8 February 2018

The green sheds of Newlyn are gone - the end of an era.

For as long as many in Newlyn can remember newspapers, magazines, sweets, cigarettes and tobacco even toys and, of course, a weekly copy of the Fishing News were all provided by Dave Barron from his green shed - in later years, the shop was a barometer for monies being raised for Newlyn Harbour Lights - but not more.

David Barron, the 71-year-old grandson of Joe Barron who set up J Barron and Son’s newsagent in 1920, retired on Sunday, March 26, last year and has been sorely missed by his loyal customers ever since.

The family business had been rooted firmly in the community for almost a century, based in the renowned green hut on the Strand. The vacant hut was demolished on Wednesday (February 7) to clear the area for further development, leading to an outcry of nostalgia and sorrow in the community.

Here's Dave Barron telling his story.