Saturday, 27 January 2018

An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch

How much of this campaigning video is a reflection of where we are now in the North East Atlantic?

An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch from Living Oceans Foundation on Vimeo.

A team of scientists, led by Dr Daniel Pauly, conduct the world's largest fishing investigation, to determine the true quantity of fish we have caught, before we run out.

Following a successful festival season, the film An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch is now available for free viewing.

Besides being premiered on Earth Day 2017 at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and on the Smithsonian Channel, the documentary had a full-house screening at the University of British Columbia and at 11 different international film festivals. It was also recognized in different categories at the Blue Ocean Film Festival, the Indie Fest Film Awards, the International Ocean Film Festival, the Impact Docs Awards, and the American Conservation Film Festival.

An Ocean Mystery was directed by Alison Barrat from the Khaled Sultan Living Oceans Foundation and it follows the Sea Around Us Principal Investigator, Daniel Pauly, as he and his colleagues piece together a true picture of the amount of fish we have taken from our oceans and the speed at which we are running out of fish. The data set they’ve put together can be accessed here for free.

Narrated by actor and ocean conservationist Ted Danson, the film also reveals how close we are to a global crash in fish populations and fisheries.