Saturday, 2 December 2017

Ocean Pride and the Battle of Trafalgar.

PZ 134 Ocean Pride is the only Newlyn built counter-stern lugger left in the country. Following many years of Service, she was taken to Rye Harbour, Sussex, where she lies today out of the water and deteriorating.

A number of 'Likeminded' individuals have come together to try and get her brought back to Newlyn and over time restore her to her former glory. This is going to be a very long process, with the first hurdle being to get her home. Once we have secured finding for the lifts and transport, we hope to put the Ocean Pride in a purpose built restoration area at Sandy Cove, Newlyn.

Our project will be a community project, not just us, we hope that a number of local groups and individuals will support it and benefit from the knowledge learned and the satisfaction of helping protect what is a very unique artefact in Newlyn's history.

If you believe you can offer support or help fundraise please contact us

Here she is going through her paces under full sail when owned by local landlord and seafarer, Les Rowe.