Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Plymouth fishermen to get GPS lifejackets to prevent tragedies at sea

Fishermen in Plymouth are to be given state-of-the-art lifejackets in a bid to prevent future tragedies at sea.

Plymouth City Council has ordered 250 lifejackets with built-in locators, which give off distress signals to help identify the exact location of crews in the event of an emergency.

The tragic death of popular fisherman Tony Jones, whose body was discovered after the Solstice capsized about nine miles from Plymouth last month, provided a stark reminder of the dangers of the job.

After applying for funding last September, the council has been awarded £77,000 from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and the Maritime Management Organisation for the scheme, which it is hoped will help reduce loss of life and accidents within the local fishing industry.

The lifejackets will be distributed to eligible fishermen by Marine Co, which is supplying the equipment.

The project, which has been designed with input from fishermen’s representatives, SEAFISH and the emergency services, hopes to create a more coordinated community approach to training and equipment to reduce the number of fishermen’s lives lost at sea.

Last September, following a motion on notice at full council, the council applied to the Marine Management Organisation for funding through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund to fund the purchase of personal flotation devices equipped with personal locator beacons.

Full story from the Plymouth Herald