Thursday, 12 October 2017

Cefas Endeavour survey voyage.

Normally the JNCC blog posts regular updates on the survey work being undertaken by the Ceas Endeavour - but it seems that the current voyage is not one of their making...  

the boat is currently on another southerly transit - a feature of the survey -  from just east of Lands End...

this is the only clue found on Twitter from Peltic Surveys which shows she is surveying the autumnal algal bloom in the Bristol Channel and Western Approaches. They have been posting pics and videos during the survey.

Most of the voyage - which started when she left Swansea on the 28th September has seen her steaming at around 9-10 knots.

There's a great story about the first blue fin tuna tag to be recovered in the UK - from the Scillys - read all about it here.