Thursday, 15 June 2017

Securipêche: a (French) website for fishermen

Normandy is one of the regions where the profession of fisherman is risky: in 2014, 1 out of 9 fishermen has been the victim of a maritime accident, compared to 1 in 11 at the national level. There is now a Securipêche website that explains all the safety measures to follow.

To mitigate the risks inherent in maritime professions, the IMP, with the help of the Normandy Region, today officially launched the Sécuripê project, presented during this security day.

The Sécuripêche project is an interactive and documentary website on safety at sea issues carried out in collaboration between the Loba law firm and the Lycée Maritime et Aquacole in Cherbourg.

The Region paid a grant of € 15,200 to the IMP and € 34,200 to Loba Conseil for the concretization of the Securipêche site.

For example, since 2012, Normandy has invested € 393,200 in security for the program of action of the Maritime Institute of Prevention, equipment in integrated buoyancy of the students of the Lycée Maritime de Cherbourg, The implementation of the dota B program (standardized medical case on board ships), the availability of coated caps and the creation of the Sécuripêche site.

To realize the orientations of the new regional policy in terms of fisheries and aquaculture, it has launched three thematic projects:

  1. New impetus for fisheries
  2. Exploitation of products
  3. Innovative aquaculture

They are accompanied by two cross-cutting projects:

  1. Articulation of policies in the Region / Departments,
  2. Implementation of the EMFF. 

Here is the film that you can enjoy on the website: 

Clothilde Eudier, Vice-President in charge of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, presented the Securipêche project, monitored and piloted by the Maritime Prevention Institute (IMP), during a day organized by The Normandy Region, and dedicated to the safety of fishermen.