Tuesday, 27 June 2017

MSC Certified Cornish hake graces top tables in the Capital!

If you are lucky enough to be visiting the big smoke and fancy a lunchtime break then you could do no better than head on down to Outlaw's at The Capital and enjoy some of the finest fish to be found swimming around our shores.  In particular, there is some proper Cornsih hake of the MSC Certified variety - only 15 boats in the whole of the UK are licensed to catch and land such fish - and more often than not it's fish from the netter, Ajax that graces the Capital's tables!  

Paul Trebilcock (L) with Ajax skipper Alan the hake man Dwan aboard the Ajax after being awarded the prestigious MSC status.

At one time 90% of Newlyn fish including hake went across the channel to France and Spain but increasingly these days more and more hake caught in UK waters is being consumed in the UK thanks to MSC Certification - keep your eyes on the bigger supermarket wet fish counters like Waitrose, Morrsion's and Sainsburys for the MSC label on their hake.  All of Nathan's cook books cite Cornish fish like hake on their recipes!

We say #eatmoreCornishfish!