Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Monkfish - A floor price that does not pass

Last week the Breton newspaper Le Telegramme reported huge quantities of monkfish that remained unsold on the fish market at Le Guilvenec. France operates a withdrawal system whereby if the price fails to reach a certain point the fish are withdrawn and the boat compensated - a month later at the withdrawal price for that fish. With fine weather and big catches throughout European waters last week fish markets were in glut for some species.

The following is a Google translation of the article - the gist is clear!

Victor Emmanuel returned Monday evening from a tide of ten days. On board, a crew tired but happy with his fishing, mainly monkfish, 9.3 tons Yesterday morning, however, the boat with the quasi-imperial name had no longer the same panache. Verdict on the sale of 6 h, only six tons of monkfish found takers, at the floor price of 4.15.  Below this price floor, the fish is removed from the sale. The remaining 3.3 tons remained on the tile. In the middle of the morning, Emmanuel Le Saint, the patron fisherman, looked at the crates filled with fish, shining with freshness, incredulously and disgustingly: "When you see that, you want to vomit."

 €13,573 of unsold ones that go badly. He will have to advance this amount to pay the wages of the seafarers, the Organizers Producers (OP). The fishermen of Brittany (an insurance system) will only repay it within a month. Friday will be the start of a new tide. However, the cup is full and the state of dejection, tenfold by the fatigue accumulated during the tide. "It's been four tides that's how it is. The fish is sold at the floor price, when it is sold. This is no longer possible ". And the artisan fisherman added: "I do not want to go back to sea again ...". Even if he knows, in spite of himself, that on Friday he will be back on the bridge when the fatigue will be dispelled and this bad sale digested.

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