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2017 Scottish Inshore Fisheries Conference papers.

Scottish Inshore Fisheries Conference

Inshore Fisheries Conference LogoThe fourth Scottish Inshore Fisheries Conference was held on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th April 2017 at Eden Court in Inverness.
The conference was launched with a session to introduce the EMFF-funded Scottish Inshore Fisheries Integrated Data System or ‘SIFIDS’ Project. 
On Friday 28th April 2017, Fergus Ewing MSP (Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy and Connectivity) opened the day with a keynote speech followed by Q&A. Delegates had the opportunity to attend sessions on a variety of subjects including crab and lobster fisheries management, Brexit, marketing the local catch and inshore fisheries management in Norway, delivered by the Norwegian Government's Directorate of Fisheries.   
The final event was a plenary Q&A session hosted by Daniel Owens (Fenners Chambers), with Stewart Crichton (Orkney Sustainable Fisheries), Anne-Margaret Anderson (SWFPA) and Alastair MacLeod (creel fishermen).
The Cabinet Secretary's speech and the plenary Q&A are available to view here.
Presentations from the 'Marketing the Local Catch' and 'Norwegian Inshore Fisheries Management' workshops are available below. The presentation from the 'Crab & Lobster Management' workshop will be available shortly.
Three previous conferences have been held: at Eden Court in 2015Perth Concert Hall in 2014 and Eden Court, Inverness in 2013. Further details are available on their individual pages.

Downloadable documents:

Title:Inshore Fisheries Conference
Description:Information about the annual Scottish Inshore Fisheries Conference
File:Scottish Inshore Fisheries Conference 2017 - Flyer [PDF, 1099.5 kb: 27 Feb 2017]
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File:Workshop Presentation - Marketing the Local Catch [PDF, 2455.8 kb: 04 May 2017]
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File:Workshop Presentation - Norwegian Inshore Fisheries Management 2017 [PDF, 9131.1 kb: 04 May 2017]
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File:Crab & Lobster Presentation SIFC 2017 [PDF, 3499.0 kb: 10 May 2017]
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File:Inshore Fisheries Conference 2017 - Summary of Proceedings [PDF, 2522.9 kb: 21 Jun 2017]
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